Halima Souguir

Made with love and care

Award-winning and locally-produced
We are the family-owned business located in a rural town. All of our products are made on our home’s premises, in a three-story traditional post and beam barn that was constructed as our manufacturing facility. We are friendly, personable people, and we encourage you to stop by our showroom and try our products. Our product can also be a perfect gift for someone you know. Perhaps a wedding, birthday or Christmas gift. Or a perfect gift for that special someone to show you are thinking of them.

About Us

Hello everyone and welcome to Halima Souguir. Our brand stands for fashion for self-confident people. All our goods are designed in Belgium and manufactured in Tunisia. The Belgian-Tunisian label guarantees a versatile range of handcrafted full grain leather wear and accessories for unbeatable prices. The modern collections quickly interpret the current seasons’ highlights by creating practical, wearable, and fashionable looks with sophistication. For bags and leather wear, we offer a varied mix of classic, smart/casual outfits that suit every occasion. Yours sincerely, Halima Souguir

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Baron de Gieylaan 9840 De Pinte